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Bosnakovski D, da Silva MT, Sunny ST, Ener ET, Toso EA, Yuan C, Cui Z, Walters MA, Jadhav A, Kyba M, (2019) “A novel P300 inhibitor reverses DUX4-mediated global histone H3 hyperacetylation, target gene expression, and cell death” Science Advances 5:eaaw7781

Collins BC, Arpke RW, Larson AA, Baumann CW, Xie N, Cabelka CA, Nash NL, Hanna-Kaarina J, Laakkonen EK, Sipilä S, Kovanen V, Spangenburg EE, Kyba M, Lowe DA. “Estrogen Regulates the Satellite Cell Compartment in Females” Cell Reports 28: 368-381

Chan SSK, Arpke RW, Filareto A, Xie N, Pappas MP, Penaloza JS, Perlingeiro RCR, Kyba M. (2018) “Skeletal muscle stem cells from PSC-derived teratomas have functional regenerative capacity” Cell Stem Cell 23:74-85

Bosnakovski D, Chan SSK, Recht OO, Hartweck LM, Gustafson CJ, Athman LL, Lowe DA, Kyba M. Muscle pathology from stochastic low level DUX4 expression in an FSHD mouse model (2017) Nat Commun. 8:550 doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00730-1.

Bosnakovski D, Toso EA, Hartweck LM, Magli A, Lee HA, Thompson ER, Dandapat A, Perlingeiro RCR, Kyba M. The DUX4 homeodomains mediate inhibition of myogenesis and are functionally exchangeable with the Pax7 homeodomain (2017) J Cell Sci. 130:3685-3697.

Bosnakovski D, Gearhart MD, Toso EA, Recht OO, Cucak A, Jain AK, Barton MC, Kyba M. p53-independent DUX4 pathology in cell and animal models of facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (2017)  Dis Mod Mech. 10:1211-1216.

Goloviznina, N.A. and Kyba, M. (2017) Twist of fate for skeletal muscle mesenchymal cells. Nat Cell Biol, 19, 153-154.

Berry, D.C., Jiang, Y., Arpke, R.W., Close, E.L., Uchida, A., Reading, D., Berglund, E.D., Kyba, M. and Graff, J.M. (2017) Cellular Aging Contributes to Failure of Cold-Induced Beige Adipocyte Formation in Old Mice and Humans. Cell Metabolism, 25, 166-181.

Kyba, M. (2016) Mesoderm, Cooked Up Fast and Served to Order. Cell Stem Cell, 19, 146-148.



Other Key Studies

Choi, S.H., Gearhart, M.D., Cui, Z., Bosnakovski, D., Kim, M., Schennum, N. and Kyba, M. (2016) DUX4 recruits p300/CBP through its C-terminus and induces global H3K27 acetylation changes. Nucleic Acids Research, 44, 5161-5173.

Chan, S.S., Hagen, H.R., Swanson, S.A., Stewart, R., Boll, K.A., Aho, J., Thomson, J.A. and Kyba, M. (2016) Development of Bipotent Cardiac/Skeletal Myogenic Progenitors from MESP1+ Mesoderm. Stem Cell Reports, 6, 26-34.

Dandapat A, Bosnakovski D, Baltgalvis KA, Vang D, Hartweck L, Baik J, Nash N, Darabi R, Perlingeiro RC, Hamra FK, Gupta K, Lowe DA, Kyba M. (2014) Dominant lethal pathologies in male mice engineered to contain an X-linked DUX4 transgene. Cell Reports 8:1484-1496.

Chan SS, Shi X, Toyama A, Arpke RW, Dandapat A, Iacovino M, Kang JJ, Le G, Hagen HR, Garry DJ, Kyba M. (2013) Mesp1 patterns mesoderm into cardiac, hematopoietic, or skeletal myogenic progenitors in a context-dependent manner. Cell Stem Cell. 12:587-601.

Arpke RW, Darabi R, Mader TL, Zhang Y, Toyama A, Lonetree C, Nash N, Lowe DA, Rita C.R. Perlingeiro, Kyba M (2013) A new immuno- dystrophin-deficient model, the NSG-mdx4Cv mouse, provides evidence for functional improvement following allogeneic satellite cell transplantation. Stem Cells 31:1611-1620.

Iacovino M, Chong D, Szatmari I, Hartweck L, Rux D, Caprioli A, Cleaver O, Kyba M. (2011) HoxA3 is an apical regulator of hemogenic endothelium Nat Cell Biol. 13:72-78. 

Iacovino M, Bosnakovski D, Fey H, Rux D, Bajwa G, Mahen E, Mitanoska A, Xu Z, Kyba M. (2011) Inducible cassette exchange: a rapid and efficient system enabling conditional gene expression in embryonic stem and primary cells. Stem Cells. 29:1580-1588.

Bosnakovski D, Xu Z, Gang EJ, Galindo CL, Liu M, Simsek T, Garner HR, Agha-Mohammadi S, Tassin A, Frédérique Coppée, Belayew A, Perlingeiro RCR, Kyba M (2008) An isogenetic myoblast screen identifies DUX4-mediated FSHD-associated molecular pathologies EMBO J. 27:2766-2779.

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Rideout, W.M.*, Hochedlinger, K.*, Kyba, M.*, Daley, G.Q. and Jaenisch, R. (2002) Correction of a genetic defect by nuclear transplantation and combined cell and gene therapy. Cell, 109, 17-27..

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